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Paramedic Jobs

Paramedics are medical professionals that respond to emergency calls – they are usually the first to arrive on the scene and they provide vital medical treatments before admitting the patient to the hospital – some of the most commonly provided medical services include CPR, spinal splints or administering oxygen or drugs with the purpose of stabilising the patient. Paramedics can handle medical emergencies from the less serious ones to those that can endanger the patient’s life, such as car accidents.

What Does The Paramedic Normally Do?

paramedicsParamedic jobs involve team work as these specialists usually work in teams of two or three professionals, but typically they are accompanied by another medical professional, which is the ambulance technician who carries all the necessary equipment. Not only do paramedics respond to emergency calls, but they also assess the overall health status of the patient at the time of the arrival and they provide fast treatment on the scene. Paramedics often rely on the use of state of the art equipment to stabilise the patients, and ventilators and defibrillators are two of the most used devices to support breathing as well as to stabilise the patient.

On the other hand, depending on the severity of the condition, it is not uncommon for paramedics to also perform minor surgical procedures such as intubation, when the patient cannot breathe properly and he cannot wait any longer – also, the paramedics will carefully transport the patients to the hospital and assess their condition on a constant basis.

Paramedics do not deal only with medical aspects, as they are the ones who also talk to the police and to the members of the family that were present at the scene – having said that, it is extremely important for the paramedic to possess great interpersonal skills, to speak fluently and clearly and to show empathy towards the family members. After administering the proper treatment, paramedics also report the patient’s history and write down details about their condition and the treatment that was used, as this information is vital and will be used for further treatment when the patient reaches the hospital.

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What Training And Qualifications Does A paramedic Need?

Given the fact that paramedics will work in emergency situations and they will be subjected to a lot of stress, training plays a crucial role and it can make the difference between life and death – this is why most paramedics opt for programs provided by ambulance services or they enroll in specialized, approved and certified courses in the field of paramedic science. In some cases, the extensive, in-depth training courses last up to five years, and during this time frame the paramedic will train his communication and navigational skills, will show more care and empathy both towards patients and towards the family and, most importantly, will learn how to stay calm even during stressful situations.

How Much Does A Paramedic Earn Per Year?

The average yearly salary for a paramedic is of $35,000 per year, and the highest trained paramedics (which often happen to be the most experienced ones as well) can make up to $50,000 per year or even more.

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